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Game language: Russian / English
Release Date: March 15, 2013
Platform: Windows
Region: Region Free (no limit)
Activation: Steam

The main innovation of the “Revolution” is a storyline dedicated to confronting pirate expansion. While the Coalition focused on fighting the dominators, the pirates, led by a mysterious leader, joined forces and began an organized seizure of power in the galaxy. Now you yourself are free to choose who to confront - pirates or dominators, or both at once. The game has two full branches of development - dominant and pirate, and you can go through them at the same time. For the pirate branch, new unique ranks, dialogs and tasks are provided - both plot and side ones. As part of the storyline, you can choose whether to play as a pirate or an agent undercover, which, of course, will affect the development of the plot and character. At the end of one of the branches, you can end the game or continue the passage of the remainder of the plot.

The main character under your strict guidance will embark on the path of piracy, being a green salag. Performing special plot tasks, he will receive new ranks, gradually learn more and more details about the new pirate organization and its mysterious leader, whose activities threaten the existence of the Coalition. Depending on your actions, the future of the entire inhabited world will change: either you put an end to the pirate invasion, or vice versa, bring the entire Coalition to its knees before the invaders.
The game has undergone some changes in technical terms. The main menu, loading screens, backgrounds of planets and space bases have been improved, support for large resolutions, including widescreen, has been introduced, the mode of planetary battles has been substantially improved - now it supports all the main technologies, which are the de facto format for modern games.

• New storyline for the pirates. At the end of one of the branches, you can end the game or continue the passage of the remainder of the plot. Player actions affect the future of the entire galaxy, and the balance of power in both conflicts can change dramatically, not only because of the player, but also depending on the actions of the AI. There will be no identical passages
• A large amount of technical corrections. Support for screen resolutions up to 1920 × 1200, multi-core processors, Windows® 7, smoothing the boundaries of objects in three-dimensional planetary battles
• The musical accompaniment has been expanded and supplemented, so you can hear more than 15 completely new compositions written with the aim of further immersing you in the exciting universe of “Space Rangers”
• It was also added: 10 new text adventures, more than 15 maps for planetary battles, more than 20 tasks from the government, unique non-plot events, new equipment and micromodules, access to all battles in the hypercosmos from the main menu, and much more!


1. You need to download and install Steam (if not already installed)
2. Launch the Steam client
3. Create a new Steam account or log into an existing one
4. Go to the "Games" section and select "Activate on Steam"
5. Enter the activation key you purchased
6. After that, the game will appear in your list of games and it can be installed
!!!!! GIFT !!!!!
Every third buyer who leaves a positive feedback will receive a random game as a gift!
Gifts are sent to the mailbox you specified when purchasing, within 48 hours.

ATTENTION! Before buying, please check the system requirements of the game and other parameters that interest you (they may change with time). This can be done on the sites Steam / Uplay / Origin or the official website of the publisher. Goods purchased by mistake, as well as unsuitable for system requirements or region of activation, can not be returned and exchanged!

Dear customers! Convincing request, if there are any problems with the purchased goods, do not leave a negative feedback immediately. Write us a message in the correspondence (the purchase page on the site We will try to respond to your message as soon as possible and promptly solve the problem. We draw attention to the fact that the basis for the exchange or return of the purchased key (key), which gives an error when activated, can only be VIDEO RECORD of the purchase process and subsequent attempt to activate it (mandatory condition - the record should not contain editing features).

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We will be grateful for every positive feedback you have left after the purchase. Sincerely, the project team "AlternativA".
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все быстро пришло
20.06.2022 10:50:25
Все пришло быстро, спасибо
19.06.2022 17:09:24
Код пришёл быстрее скорости света! Спасибо большое.
19.06.2022 1:00:08
Всё ок
13.05.2022 23:04:34
Ключ получил, активировал в стиме. Спасибо!)
01.05.2022 18:24:08
Отлично. Купил игру с хорошей скидкой.
03.04.2022 12:21:39
Все супер,большое спасибо
02.11.2021 11:29:27
Забрал товар по отличной цене, теперь играю, спасибо
09.10.2021 17:24:46
Товар пришел сразу после оплаты,рекомендую.
08.10.2021 13:30:10
Спасибо Вам огромное за игру! Всё здорово: дёшево, быстро и приятно!
27.09.2021 20:00:29
Все пришло мгновенно. Рекомендую
02.09.2020 16:20:01
Быстро и четко

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