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PLAYERUNKNOWNS BATTLEGROUNDS Survivor Pass Cold Front (steam key) -- RU

Release Date: April 22, 2020
Age rating: 18
Developer: PUBG Corporation
Publisher: PUBG Corporation
Localization: Russian interface
Activation System: Steam
Region: Russia

 Attention! Launch requires PLAYERUNKNOWN´S BATTLEGROUNDS.
Once Wikendi was the hereditary property of a wealthy family of Lind, who tried to turn these lands into a tourist attraction. Unfortunately, inept management and family troubles led to the fact that the costume costume of Dinoland visitors Alex Ti-rex died under the wheels of the train. This was definitely not the kind of extinction that the park was supposed to demonstrate. If someone wants to get a unique souvenir, he should get one of the dinosaur costumes thrown here or a vintage uniform. Rumor has it that something of the valuable relics of the Lind family remains on this cold island. The easiest way to find these jewels is with Survivor´s Ticket: The Cold Front.
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