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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$500 the discount is 2%
$1000 the discount is 3%
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After payment, you will receive a licensed game (login and password); after downloading the game, you will be able to freely play and launch the game from your profile. General profile. On the profile, launch through screen time (parental controls) is available, if the profile does not have parental controls for more for a convenient launch of the game, write after purchase, we will install it and send instructions.

Installing the game on the XBOX ONE console:

1) Go to the purchased profile, click “Login”
2) Click “Add new user”, enter the purchased data (login and password)
3) If it asks for a code, click next and write to us
4) Login and security parameters - set to “no restrictions”
5) Go to "My games and applications"
6) Scroll to the right, find the purchased game and install it.
7)Play only from your main profile
8) We do not delete the purchased profile, enjoy the game)


1) You cannot make an account home
2) You cannot change the data and transfer it to third parties
3) Additional mail is not provided
4)Requires a permanent Internet connection
5) General profile (You buy the game and the ability to play from your main profile, the profile itself is not for sale)
6) 1 year warranty. The profile is sold for a year.

How to play through screen time (there are no emissions when starting this method):

1) Log in to your main profile
2) Parameters - system - time (set any in the range from 8 to 20)
3)Network settings-advanced settings-additional MAC-clear-restart
4) Log in to your main profile. Parameters - system - time (set any in the range from 3 to 7)
5) Log in to the purchased profile (after logging into the purchased profile, exit your main one) the flags at the bottom should flash
6) Then back to the purchased profile, back button and to your main one, launch the game

The account is sold to the public. If during the game you are sometimes “thrown out” of the gameplay, try logging into the game later. Any claims in this case will not be accepted

Refunds are not made if a profile is blocked, but you can choose any profile to replace it. Refunds due to reasons you didn’t like the game or bought it or not will not be made.

The seller is not responsible for system updates to the console, which may lead to changes in the operation of the general account.

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