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LICENSE KEY FROM THE GAME - Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure
Activation: Xbox One
Date of release: 21/10/2020
Genre: Classics, Puzzle & Trivia, Family & kids
Languages: Russian, English, German, French, Polish, Portuguese, etc.

To activate the key on your account, you may need a VPN connection.
This key is distributed by digital distribution. And has no boxes and disks.

Rusty Spout is a lonely but honest pirate, he sails around with his ship looking for new adventures and always helps people in need.
Cocco the evil pirate has kidnapped all the children from Rusty´s village. Now, he needs you to help him defeat the Cocco and his monsters.
Navigate with Rusty Spout through five different and beautifull worlds each one with 10 amazing levels.
Beat Cocco´s monsters at the end of each world in a epic boss battle. Free all the children to unlock special characters and you can use them in Endless mode and Battle mode.
To activate the subscription, you need to follow the simple steps specified in the instructions that will be sent to your email with the code.
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