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Release Date: August 30, 2016
Developer: Oleg Sergeev, Andrey Rumak, Do My Best
Publisher: tinyBuild
Region: Region Free / Global (no limit)
Activation: Steam

The world is over.

But it´s not quite over for you... at least, not yet. And now that you´ve got thousands of tonnes of locomotive at your disposal, you´ve got the definite advantage over the infected hordes. This is The Final Station.

The real question is whether or not you´ll help the survivors get to their destinations.... or let them die and loot their bodies. Sometimes people can be more trouble than they´re worth.

⭐A post-apocalyptic adventure about travelling a dying world on a train
⭐A story that goes through 5 chapters, with large inhabited stations at the end of each one.
⭐Infected are ready to stop your progress whenever you exit the train to look for supplies
⭐Maintain your train in operating condition and craft valuable items from the resources you scavenge
⭐Don´t expect to shoot your way through the crowds of infected. Supplies and ammo are very limited
⭐Pick up survivors along the way, gaining perks (and hindrances) for your troubles
⭐Scavenge for loot at stations and craft useful supplies
⭐Sell your loot at inhabited stations for useful upgrades to your weapons

- Download and install Steam - (if not already installed).
- Create a new account on Steam or go to an existing one.
- Go to the "Games" section and select "Activate via Steam."
- Enter the received key.
- After that, the game will appear in the library and you can download game.
14.05.2022 17:41:54
Ключ рабочий!
02.02.2022 13:02:24
все отлично!
02.01.2022 22:00:39
Получил, спасибо!
23.11.2021 14:08:50
Все хорошо.
01.10.2021 15:50:57
All good! Всё круто игра хорошая, не помешает иметь в библиотеке за копейки
01.10.2021 13:20:36
Хочу подарок
30.07.2021 18:48:35
Всё работает Советую
28.07.2021 20:27:24
Всё отлично, ключ рабочий
01.03.2021 4:08:57
Все пришло, спасибо! (хочу бонус)
04.01.2021 10:35:17
22.12.2020 18:59:24
Спасибо за такие цены
21.12.2020 10:36:10
ключ подошёл, спасибо продавцу
19.12.2020 8:29:07