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Candle is an adventure game in which you have to solve difficult tasks. Become a young Teku neophyte on a dangerous journey! Find the evil Wakchu tribe and rescue the kidnapped shaman of your people. Deadly traps and difficult obstacles block Teku´s path. To succeed, you need a keen eye and alertness, or the next step may be the last.

Teku has a special gift: his left hand is a candle. It will become your beacon in the dark and scare away enemies.

Stunning watercolor-based visuals give the Candle world a special charm. Each image was carefully hand-drawn by artists and then scanned. The game gives the impression of a revived picture.

Pay attention to every little detail to solve puzzles
Stay alert or you will fall into the trap
The power of fire is in your hand
Handmade watercolor paintings come to life before our eyes
Great musical accompaniment that creates the atmosphere of South Africa
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