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Battlestation: Harbinger is a space game that combines the genres of roguelike, turn-based global strategy and real-time combat. You are a young commander whose task is to travel to distant galaxies, explore hostile territories, cope with countless difficulties and unforeseen situations, moving episode by episode towards the most important goal for all mankind!

In Battlestation: Harbinger, you will assemble and equip your own fleet, with which you have to go through fire and copper pipes, face a bunch of surprises, learn to survive in an inhospitable universe, and, in the end, fight evil enemies, protecting humanity. Strategy, tactics, resource management, and planning are at the heart of Battlestation: Harbinger´s gameplay. Install attacking and defensive weapons on your ships, fortify them against enemy attacks, lure enemies into traps, deceive them with false signals, choose your principle of play and combat, adapting to a constantly changing situation - you have a great opportunity to show your talent as a military genius. Win with your mind, tactics and strategy! Battlestation: Harbinger, has received high ratings and excellent reviews in game reviews, and is loved by players whose community you can join.
The main features of the game:
An intense and exciting space adventure set in a colorful universe
Thanks to the random card generator, every game is different!
Travel galaxies full of mysterious places and dangerous encounters
Complete missions, get technology, and help humanity survive
Unique system of ship and weapon upgrades
High quality graphics and effects
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