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Say hello to the creative shooter. Ace of Spades is a first-person shooter in which you can create your own battlefield, destroy it and re-create it. Choose from four unique classes and try to survive in this multiplayer (up to 32 players) chaos with endlessly unfolding battles, buildings, destruction and conquest of territories. It´s like a war, only better.
Key features
BUILDING, WAR AND CREATIVITY - Complete strategic and creative freedom, destroy the enemy the way you like.
FROM CASUAL TO HARDCORE - Immerse yourself in randomly generated quick matches, choose your favorite cards and rules in custom matches, or practice and become the best in tournament play.
Lots of crazy game modes
Team Deathmatch - Become a father among all. Kill as many enemies as possible, trying not to die.
Diamond Mine - Collect more diamonds from the depths of the battlefield than your opponent.
Demolition - Destroy the enemy base before they destroy yours.
Multi-Hill - The classic king of the hill. Hold your territory and capture new ones.
Zombie Mode (zombie mode) - Survive the onslaught of the living dead. Otherwise, you will have to join them.
31.07.2021 20:30:58
Всё отлично, подарок пришёл.