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I will create Spotify Premium Account and you will have full access to it (you can change email and password)
✅💯Full Warranty
1Months Premium Subscription ✅
Spotify sounds amazing with Premium.

Unlimited high-quality streaming access to over 50 million songs.
Play music without an internet connection.
Travel abroad with no limitations.
No ad interruption.
Unlimited skips.

What is Spotify
All your music is here - Spotify gives you millions of songs at your fingertips. The artists you love, the latest hits, and new discoveries just for you. Hit play to stream anything you like.
Listen free - On mobile, you can listen to artists, albums and playlists in shuffle mode. Or choose a ready-made playlist to suit your mood. On tablet and computer, you can play any song, any time.
Discover music you´ll love - Spotify is the best place to discover music. Your Discover page will constantly suggest new music for you, based on what you’re listening to. Your next favourite songs are waiting.
Want the right playlist? Just Browse - With Spotify, there’s always great music to play. Browse amazing playlists for every mood and genre. Perfect if you don´t know what to listen to, or if you´re in the mood for something new.
Music brings us together - That’s why Spotify is so social. Share music on Spotify, Facebook, Twitter, your blog, anywhere. You can also get closer to the friends, artists and trendsetters who turn you on to great music. Find out what they’re listening to right now.
🆘 Prompt support in case of any questions 🆘

after purchase for a positive review, you will receive a gift .

Can´t activate your subscription using an invite?
Buy a ready-made account with full access and the ability to transfer tracks from your old account!

📦 By buying this product you get:

🔸 Licensed account with premium Spotify subscription
🔸 Ability to transfer tracks from an old account to a new one
🔸 Instant delivery of goods to your mail
🔸 View data: Login: Password
🔸 Full access to your account, you can change the data to your own!
🔸 Warranty for the purchased product for the entire duration of the subscription

💎 Top benefits of the (paid) version of Spotify Premium:

🔸 Excellent sound quality (320 kbps);
🔸 Ability to listen to music without an Internet connection (music can be
download to your device);
🔸 There are no restrictions in terms of content and sequence
works that you want to listen to;
🔸 There is no advertising that interferes with listening to music.

🎓 What should you do after purchase?

1. After paying for the goods, the data will come to your mail!
2. Make authorization using the data you received
3. If necessary, you can change the data to your own (login, password)
5. Start listening to wonderful music that you like
6. To do a little good deed, or rather to leave a positive feedback (this way you improve our service and motivate us to get better and better!)

We really appreciate your feedback, so we are very grateful to you in advance for your time.
📜 IMPORTANT:🔸 If you are a reseller contact me for wholesale🔸
🔸 After payment, you will immediately receive the data to log in to your account (Login:Password)
🔸 Log in to the site, using the received data.
🔸 Enjoy!

🔹 I have questions or have any problems, what to do?
🔸 We provide a guarantee in case of any problems. Write to us, take a screenshot and you are guaranteed to get a replacement

🔹 How long does the warranty work?
🔸 Warranty 2 months of support, work and solving any problems.
📌 Data from mail is similar to data from an account.
📌 You will be given instructions on how to transfer tracks from your old account to the new one that you purchased.
📌 The account will be completely at your disposal, you are the sole owner.

⭐️ Do not write negative reviews, but first write the problem to the seller!
⭐️ Open the tab: "Correspondence", describe the problem and we will definitely help you.
⭐️ The seller will answer your message within 1-24 hours
Buyer satisfaction is ou happiness.
24.08.2022 21:38:36
Good seller
11.03.2022 11:36:28
Great seller; responded fast and gave a working login; instant delivery

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