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Cool Reader - is a handy software for reading


Indispensable for those who have read a great

the amount of text on the screen.

Do you get tired eyes from reading in MS Word, Notepad, FAR?

Use CoolReader.

Reformat the text to any font size,

smoothing (antialiasing) screen fonts, fully

customizable palette, textured background, soft

Scrolling will reduce eye strain.

Cool Reader is optimized for reading fiction


He understands the format of most books downloaded from

sites of digital libraries. Recognizes the borders

paragraphs, headings, quotes, using elements

AI. Supports unpacking books from the archives ZIP, RAR,


Following formats html, rtf, doc (MS Word), txt, fb2

(FictionBook). Autodiscriminates Russian

Fees dos, win, koi-8, as well as latin, utf-8 and


Well-implemented function of reading aloud

using engines MS SAPI 4.0 and 5.1 allows you to

listening to a book, doing other things and do not

straining your eyes.

You can also save the audiobook in MP3 format for the

listening to MP3 player.

Supported platforms: Win9x / ME / NT4.0 / Win2K / XP

Program Status: Free for non-commercial

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