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Detailed written answers to the questions of the control work:

1. What, in your opinion, is the secret of success of the company "Sony"?

2. What, in your opinion, the personal qualities of Akio Morita IT managers "Sony Corporation" contributed to the success of the company?

3. Which of the decisions taken by Morita and personally, do you think the most successful and which are not? What did you do in a given situation?

4. Do you agree with the strategy of the company "Sony" - lead the consumer, creating new products?

5. Do you think it acceptable in the modern Russian business the system of lifetime employment? Will you agree to work all my life in one company?

6. Do you think, Chew relationships between people in "Sony" is too close, and the management should still keep your distance?

7. Do you agree with the opinion that "the money - not the only way to reward people for work?"
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