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📦 After you pay, you will instantly receive the ESO key for The Elder Scrolls Online: Necrom Upgrade DLC.
⚠️ WARNING You must have The Elder Scrolls Online game activated to access the add-on content. ⚠️.attentionACTIVATE KEY IN ALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD 🌎🌎 (REGION FREE / WORLDWIDE / Global) 🌎🌎🌎
🕳 Platform : PC/MAC
The Necrom add-on includes
- Sadrit-Mora´s ceremonial outfit
- Apocrypha book serpent (pet)
- 1 box of Neoprene
- 3 treasure cards
- 2 experience scrolls (+100% for 1 hour)


NEW CLASS. Gain power by discovering the secrets of the Apocrypha and the forbidden knowledge of Hermeus Mora. The new class, Master of Runes, allows you to harness the power of ancient signs and forgotten books to create magic of destruction, restoration, and protection.

NEW OVERVIEWS. Explore the Telvanni Peninsula, overgrown with giant mushrooms and dotted with rocky spires, visit the capital city of Nekrom, and discover arcane magic by peering into the forbidden books of the endless library of the Apocrypha.

COSMIC PLOT. The secrets of the Prince of Destiny are too dangerous for mortals and Daedra alike. Unknown forces have taken an interest in the Apocrypha, the world of Hermeus Mora. If they get to its secrets, it could destroy reality itself.

NEW COMPANIONS: A GUARDIAN AND A MASTER OF RUNES. Two new allies seek adventure and glory! Travel through Tamriel in the company of a Redguard, master of the secrets of runes, and an Argonian Guardian.

🎁🎁🎁 BONUS: RANDOM STEAM GAME (IF YOUR PURCHASE AMOUNT IS ABOVE 500 RUBLES) FOR POSITIVE FEEDBACK!/attentionattentionPlease take a moment and leave positive feedback after purchase.
Thank you/attention
🔑 Key activation:
- Register an account on the site -
- Or go to the already created one -
- Enter the key on the account page - in the Redeem fieldames" section, select "Activate via Steam" and enter the key.
27.09.2023 22:54:59
Моментально пришел ключ, спасибо большое!
26.09.2023 20:05:47
Всё чётко, всё пришло моментально!
18.09.2023 2:34:07
Всё активировалось, отлично!
16.09.2023 18:20:28
Огромное спасибо! Все очень понятно описано на странице. Код пришел сразу. Активировался.
16.09.2023 17:10:25
Все быстро и четко. Спасибо.
09.09.2023 8:26:42
Всё замечательно!
Быстро и без проблем!
04.09.2023 17:04:36
Быстро и качественно. Оплатил - ключ на почте. Спасибо. Продавца - рекомендую.
22.08.2023 22:34:36
все четко - оплатил, сразу получил ключ, ввел на акке - все без проблем
15.08.2023 17:45:02
Код пришел быстро. Дополнение добавилось.
02.08.2023 19:48:59
Моментально и по хорошей цене!
01.08.2023 20:08:55
Всё отлично ! Спасибо !!!
30.07.2023 16:35:40
Всё хорошо работает продавца рекомендую
29.07.2023 19:58:03
Всё пришло быстро, сразу активировал

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