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Title: Resident Evil 4
Publisher: CAPCOM Co., Ltd.
Release Date: March 24 2023Surviving is just the first step.

Six years have passed since the biological disaster in Raccoon City. Agent Leon S. Kennedy, a survivor of those events, was sent on a mission to rescue the president´s kidnapped daughter. In an attempt to find her, he finds himself in a secluded European village, where something is wrong with the locals. Tear down the curtain on this captivating and eerie tale of a brave hero and experience life and death, horror and admiration.

Resident Evil 4, a real giant of the industry, is reborn. You are waiting for the updated gameplay, redesigned storyline and extremely detailed graphics.

Relive the nightmare that completely changed the horror genre./attention
⚡Getting the game on Steam⚡:
🌍If you have the region Kazakhstan🌏Ukraine🌏CIS🌏Turkey🌏Argentina on Steam - We give the game right away (Steam GIFT)🎁
🌍If you have the region Russia🌏Belarus on Steam - We change the region and give you the game on your account (We guarantee the safety of this process). This is necessary because Resident Evil 4 is NOT AVAILABLE on accounts with the RU🌏RB.⚡Getting the game with your region change⚡:

✅After payment, you will be directed to the site ( where you will find a dialogue with the seller
✅Communicate in the correspondence received a unique code (needed to verify the order) and account data (login-password), or give access via qr-code
✅ We change 🌍 the region on your STEAM account and send the game
✅You check the availability of the game on your accountattention❗❗❗ If you did not read the description or paid by accident or any return initiated through your fault - then the return comes with a deduction of 25 amounts, if suddenly the fault is on me, then the funds will not be withheld (i.e. get back the full cost) ❗❗❗/attention
25.09.2023 19:53:40
Все очень быстро пришло, спасибо продавцу
25.09.2023 19:26:26
Всё супер и очень быстро, рекомендую
25.09.2023 14:36:42
Товар пришёл быстро, рекомендую!
24.09.2023 12:45:09
Быстро и удобно, рекомендую.
24.09.2023 12:20:10
Спасибо продавцу, ответили быстро и прислали всё оперативно в лучшем виде
23.09.2023 20:13:25
Все прошло отлично и быстро отправили
20.09.2023 20:56:09
Всё быстро, спасибо.
16.09.2023 12:16:09
всё сделали за пару минут

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