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💳 When choosing the Lava payment method - 0% COMMISSION 💳
🕚 Average delivery time: from 15 minutes to 240 minutes after the start of the order on your account - (there may be delays on weekends )
⌚️ Working hours: from 10-00 (morning) to 23-00 (evening) Moscow time (Moscow time)❓⭐ How is the process of buying a game as a gift?🔻❓⭐ How does the purchase process happen with a change of region?🔻attention💡 Information for those who currently have the region 🌍 Russia or 🌍 Belarus:
❓ Why do we change the region 💬 of the STEAM account (If you have a region of RUSSIA or BELARUS)?
✅ This is a mandatory procedure since these regions are sanctioned by STEAM, after changing the region NOTHING will change for you:
✔️ All games and saved progress remain on your account as before the change 🌍 of the region, only the region of the STEAM store will change and the prices will be in a different currency
✔️The game will always be available, our store provides a lifetime warranty
✔️ VPN you don´t need to use
✔️The game will be in Russian and is available entirely and completely like all the games that were bought before
❓Guarantees that the account will not be stolen/hijacked?
✅ You can see the comments on this product and check the profile of our store on the site, everyone is happy, no one has had any problems yet.
❓Do I need to disable STEAM GUARD?
✅It is not necessary to disable it, you can promptly inform us of the code.
Is it possible to put Russia/Belarus back after changing the region?
✅ On Steam, the region change is available quarterly. that is, 3 months after the purchase, you can return Russia / Belarus, but we do not recommend doing this, since most of the new games (and old ones) as well as buying in them is prohibited from the Steam regions of Russia or Belarus
How fast will the goods be delivered?
✅It all depends on the workload, all orders are executed in turn, the average order completion time is 15-20 minutes./attention/deliveryattention❗Attention! Check that your 🌍region corresponds to the one you chose when buying! 🌍 You can do it here🔻 //attention/delivery
24.09.2023 21:14:29
Возникли небольшие неполадки, но все решили с продавцом, рекомендую
24.09.2023 12:10:30
Отличный продавец
22.09.2023 11:35:25
Пять звезд, красота
21.09.2023 14:10:24
Very quickly game recieved after payment and quick answer to my question in advance. Thank you!
21.09.2023 9:27:09
Всё сделано быстро и без задержек! Большое спасибо продавцу!
19.09.2023 10:35:26
по фасту, все ок
18.09.2023 21:17:32
Очень быстро пришёл гифт с RE4, поэтому могу смело порекомендовать продавца!
18.09.2023 16:05:43
Продавец отвечает быстро, подарок прислали быстро
Хороший продавец, рекомендую
17.09.2023 12:45:37
Оплатил, продавец отправил товар довольно быстро, покупал для Турции, рекомендую.
23.03.2023 22:51:35
просто отлично! купили игру за пару минут и сменили регион на аккаунте теперь все игры доступны и еще по низким ценам, топ продавец

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