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This service will allow you to get a DUO (paired) ⭐ Spotify Premium subscription for a period of 1-3-6-12 months for your 2 accounts. ⭐✅ Everything is done from our side, you can have any region and you can be from any country. If you need to create an account on our part, then after payment, let us know in the chat with the seller!
✅ You can subscribe to both a new account and an old account, with the region of the Russian Federation, the USA and any other country.
✅ This is an individual subscription, not a family one. Premium is activated directly to your account.
✅ Works worldwide, no VPN required.attention*⚠️ If technical problems or force majeure situations arise, the time can be extended to 48 hours, be patient and everything will be ready!/attention⭐ Excellent sound quality (320 kbps);
⭐ Ability to listen to music in the absence of an Internet connection (music can be
download to your device)
⭐ There are no restrictions in terms of content and sequence
works that you want to listen to;
⭐ No ads to interfere with listening to music.
⭐ This subscription has animated Canvas covers (which were not in the subscription of the Russian Federation and many other CIS countries).
⭐ Registration is made by prepayment of a premium for 1 month from a bank card. A payment receipt will be sent to your mail and the paid period will be displayed in the subscription information.

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11.09.2023 13:03:49
Great seller!
07.09.2023 18:00:26
Были заминки, но в итоге все отлично работает, рекомендую )
16.06.2023 14:39:24
все работает, цена очень приятная, продавец ответил за довольно короткий срок!
05.06.2023 17:10:06
++ great!
04.06.2023 16:28:04
Все восхитительно! Приемлемая цена и скорость! Огромное спасибо продавцу. Рекомендую!
06.05.2023 22:15:39
Все отлично. Сделано быстро.

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