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🧩 After payment, the process of activating the item to your account will begin. 🧩
🕚 Average delivery time: from 1 minute to 3 minutes. 🕚
💳 If you choose KASSA payment method - 0% COMMISSION. 💳
💤 In very rare cases delivery may be delayed. 💤

📦 Activation: Steam Gift (Gift to your account)
📑 Can be played on: PC

🌍 The product can only be activated in these countries
❗❗ If the item has a region selection
︎ Select the country of your account in the product options
︎ Price may vary for different regions
🔍 Check your account region here -

🛡️ All products are purchased officially through the Steam platform. All purchased items are covered by a lifetime warranty. If you have any difficulties with the activation or receipt of purchased goods immediately contact any of the contacts listed in the profile, or via chat on the site sale.📝 Did not find the desired product? Write!
• On request we will add almost any game from Steam

🛒 How is the process of receiving the goods:
1. Provide a link to your Steam profile (there are instructions on how to get it below).
2. Pay for the item.
3. Accept your friend request in Steam
4. Receive the goods.
🔗 How to get a link to your account?
1. If you are using the Steam app:
▪️ Click on your account name in the top right corner, then "my profile", once your profile is open do a right click on any free space on the page to bring up the context menu and select "copy page address". This is the link to your Steam account profile.
2. If you are using a browser:
▪️ Log in to your Steam account. In the upper right corner, after clicking on your account name, select "my profile". Once there, copy the link from your browser's address bar.
✅The link should be something like this:

️ About Returns
🔽> Goods received - No refund possible
🔽> Item not received
🔽︎ Our Fault - Full Refund
🔽︎ Your Fault - Refund with 20% commission