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After payment, the process of activating the goods on your account will begin.
On average, it takes no more than 2 minutes.
In very rare cases, delivery may be delayed.❗0% commission when paying by card and QIWI using LAVA!⚠️ATTENTION!
This product does not contain keys or pin codes. The game is sent as a gift (gift).✅The product can only be activated in these countries: Russia.
You can check your account region here -⚠️ DON´T FORGET TO ENTER THE CORRECT PROFILE LINK.
You cannot save to inventory or transfer the game. If you want to buy the game as a gift - provide a link to the recipient´s profile. Remember that in order to deliver the game, you need to accept the bot´s invitation.

All products are purchased officially through the Steam platform. All items purchased are covered by a lifetime warranty. If you have any difficulties with the activation or receipt of the purchased product, immediately contact any of the contacts indicated in the profile, or through the chat on the sales website./attention/delivery
Steam Gift Activation Instructions:
1. Download and install the Steam client -
2. Register a new account or log in under an existing one.
3. Copy the link to your Steam profile into the specified field when purchasing the game.
4. Wait for an invitation to friends from the seller and accept it.
5. Upon receipt of notification that a gift has been sent to you, accept it.
6. After adding to the library, start downloading the game files and wait for the complete download.
7. Enjoy the game!🔴 Please do not leave negative feedback before contacting the seller through the "Correspondence with the seller" section.
🔴 If you have any problems or questions, be sure to contact us for a consultation.
🔴 Estimated opening hours 10:00-00:00 Moscow timedeliveryattentionReturn conditions:
✅ If you have successfully received the goods - Return is not possible.
❌ If you have not received the item:
▶ My fault - Full refund.
▶ In the event of a change in the price of the goods - Full refund.
▶ Through your fault - Return with 20% commission./attention/delivery
22.06.2024 21:12:22
25.05.2024 13:18:07
22.05.2024 17:28:10
02.01.2024 13:12:16
Всё супер, товар получен, продавец честный.
22.12.2023 5:41:30
Спасибо. Товар пришел моментально!
29.11.2023 3:12:54
Всё отлично!
09.11.2023 19:54:25
Все круто
09.11.2023 19:53:35
Все круто
07.11.2023 19:21:26
Всё пришло, благодарю! Круто!

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