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🕑 The average order fulfillment time is 2.5 minutes

🌍 Before purchasing, specify the region of your account (the ´Country´ field) -

💳 Choosing the ´KASSA´ payment method - 0% commission by CARD
💲 Choosing the ´USDT´ payment method - 0% commission WITH ANY cryptocurrency.

🎁The acquisition process:
1️⃣ In the field before buying the game, enter a link to a QUICK STEAM INVITATION (preferably) or a link to your profile.
❓How to get your link on the QUICK-INVITATION - on photo of the product to or on the link❓
2️⃣ After the order is paid, the bot starts its execution.
3️⃣ Receive the product as a gift to your account. If you have sent us a quick invitation, you will not need to accept any applications. (If you have sent a link to your profile, you will have to accept the bot´s request within 2 minutes.)

🟢Steam gift is absolutely similar to the key of the same game and has no risks. After accepting the gift, it will be added to your library as a license.

Conditions of return:
The product has been received — the refund is considered privately according to the terms of Steam (no more than 2 hours in the game, no more than 14 days from the date of purchase).
The item is not received:
⠀⠀• Our fault is a full refund.
⠀⠀* Your fault is the refund without covering the refund fees.

✅ This product can be activated and played with the Russian and Belarusian Steam region
14.02.2024 0:39:26
Все круто продавец супер!
27.12.2023 15:47:21
Все отлично! Рекомендую продавца!
24.12.2023 17:13:40
Всё быстро и качественно, спасибо
22.11.2023 20:44:45
Всё оперативно и без каких-либо проблем.

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