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👋 Welcome to Koper Store!

🚀 You can get a GTA V KEY from us in just 5 minutes!
📜 How does it work?
📒 After payment, you will receive a key and activation instructions
🛒 You activate it on the official Microsoft website (important: activation occurs with vpn, but you can play without it)

Thank you for choosing us!

🚸 IMPORTANT!!! This key gives access to the game only on the console! This key is not suitable for a PC/attention
💡 Game Activation guide from your phone 📱 :

1. Install the Seed4Me VPN app
2. Launch it, select the country Argentina
3. Follow the link
4. Log in to your account
5. Activate your key, download the game and play :)💡 Guide to activate the game from the computer 💻 :

1. Select one of the Hola VPN, Urban VPN, Seed4 applications.Me, Hotspot VPN and download.
2. Follow the link
3. Log in to your account
4. Launch the selected program and select the country Argentina
5. Enter the key 🠚 Next 🠚 Confirm activation
6. Download the game
7. Play!attentiondelivery⛔ If something doesn´t work out for you, don´t rush to leave a negative review before contacting the seller. We will definitely help you with activation.
⛔️ The return of the goods for the reasons: "could not activate", "did not read the description" - is NOT MADE - please take this into account when buying this product./delivery/attention
23.11.2023 11:13:38
Все отлично, все работает!!!
21.11.2023 1:11:18
21.11.2023 1:11:12
21.11.2023 1:00:08
18.11.2023 11:41:16

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