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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III - 299per day (+ 200for 48 hours)
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This is a Steam account, after purchase you receive a Login and Password
Without auto-activation, you get a steam guard code and play
IMPORTANT - company only, multiplayer rental is not included
NEW - Early surrender of a rental account (see at the end)

Rent for a day, which includes:
- Account with the game Call of Duty MW 3 (2023) - login:password
- receiving a Steam Guard code
- Countdown after loading the game
When purchasing multiple parts, you are given 24 hours to complete each

Rent for a week, which includes:
- Access to Call of Duty MW 3 for a week (login:password)
- this includes the time it takes to load and complete the game
When you add additional parts to your cart, access for the week is not extended, but is already included in that week.

Unlimited time is given to complete the game
Not to be confused with transferring your account to your friend and endlessly asking for a code.
We authorize 1 time, if through our fault the authorization failed, we authorize again
18.11.2023 20:47:27
меня миша зовут все чотко

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