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Zdorovenki buly !!! In this tutorial we will learn to program in VB6. Before the lessons I'll tell you all the advantages and disadvantages of VB, and you rashochetsya we can learn this language, or vice versa. Advantages: The main advantage is that a lot of code to write is not necessary, ie, compared Uncle C VB code several times smaller. Easy to remember, if C should be studied for several years, grunting and sweating, the VB can be studied for several months. If you want to become evil uncle (the administrator (System Administrator)), then you can not do without VB! Since VB closest relative Microsoft`a. In VB you can do sites (VBS), a program to make Microsoft Office (Word, Exel), to write the script.

Now disadvantages: prog written in VB can not work on their own, they, unlike Uncle Sy, who works independently, are kept on some props (this Windows`ie library msvbvm50, et al.) Fortunately, all 98 and above versions of Windows are is. And a program written in VB does not work except Windows`a no where. In contrast to the SI, which was writing the operating system Unix. But right now, already out VB7, which works on all systems.

My textbook is designed for the user, and to those who are already programmed to VB. I will not force you to learn the definition of dumb, and immediately begin to make a program.


Create the first project in VB:

Introduction to the editor

Today we will create our first project in VB, as I have already said that we do not teach stupid definitions, and immediately begin to create a program. What we need to do? We need an editor for VB5, and higher (if you have VB4, then we can also come down, but I recommend go to VB6, t. I had to VB5, and I have recently felt ashamed to appear on forums, chats and conferences if I am there I will say that I have VB5, then from there I just kicked and obosrut ...). If you do not have an editor, then you need to learn WEB languages \u200b\u200b(HTML, JavaScript, VBScript, JScript ...), place them in the editor, you can use the notebook. So, enter the editor VB.

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