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Electronic management of "Become an artist for an hour! Or how to use an inkjet printer To make the masterpieces" - for those people who want to own, at home to make pictures with digital media and extract profit.

We offer you the technology and printing with any inkjet printer. For this we need the following:

1. Computer.

2. Printer - best pigment inks (the newest series printers EPSON).

3. Usual denim (flax, dvunitka, diagonal).

4. Special padded fabric.

5. The special composition for coating the fabric to simulate brush strokes.

6. Frame.


1. Low cost products.

2. No need to buy expensive special canvas inkjet (such LOMOND).

3. Print suitable for both water-soluble and pigment inks.

4. You can use any ink-jet printers that support printing on cardboard (220 g / m2).

The technology to simulate the paintings are some designers, artists and designers.
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For agents commission is 10 percent.
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