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The course work is developed and solved the problem on a computer user's environment database Access. Course work is performed in accordance with the task:

"To build the database domain" housing department "allows to conduct calculations accounting for payment of utility services by tenants of the region concerned."

The database, with its housing department in which the user will be able to register new owners and their apartments, as well as the input data of the current rates for services. The user based on the data from the database as necessary: \u200b\u200bto form the output document "Notice to Pay"; calculated by obtaining the sum to be paid, in accordance with the data of every apartment; identify the debtors and their unpaid bills.

Table of Contents:

Introduction 3

Description domain 3

Problem Statement 3

Limitations of domain 3

Functional housing department 4

Determination of data 4

Designing the logical structure of the database "housing department" 6

7 UI Design

Description of the algorithm for solving the problem 8

Manual to address the problem 10

Bibliographic list 10

Appendix №1 (module based on VBA) 11
The archive contains:

- Course project in MS Word

- Fully working database is executed in MS Access

- Diagram of the database structure in ERWin 4.0

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