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Development of technological process of manufacturing parts "glass"



1. Purpose of the details, the details of the job description in the site, analysis of the chemical composition of the material and the details of its mechanical properties

2. Analysis of the technological details

3. Analysis of, and rationale for the selection process for producing a preform

4.Tehniko feasibility study process for producing a preform (general procedure, preparation of rolled or sheet; progressive harvesting chosen in the draft)

5. Development route process and its rationale

6. Development of operational process and its rationale

6.1 Calculation of operating technology dimensions

6.2 Calculation of processing modes

6.3 Normalization of operations process

Appendix A: Print the results of calculation of operating technological dimensions

The archive contains:

1) Explanatory note

2) Drawings:

-Items blanks, route descriptions, maps, sketches.

3) the processes (operational map, route, control card)

USATU 2009. Speciality "Mechanical Engineering"
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