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After payment you will immediately receive a key to activate the game Dead Space in the Origin EA App.

Attention! This is the original game Dead Space released in 2008.

Key DEAD SPACE has no regional restrictions Region Free and suitable for the activation of any country. Languages: English, Russian, and others.

DEAD SPACE - Communication with the space mining platform "Ishimura" suddenly interrupted. The case is not that common, but also a full-fledged emergency does not pull. On board the station went engineer Isaac Clark which tasks included search of damage and subsequent repair systems. True, in corridors and bays the technician has not detected any person though the command has not disappeared anywhere - it just evolved ...

Along with the regular portion of ore "Ishimura" swallowed an alien life form which began to flourish in the hothouse environment comfortable spaceship. The crew turned into raw material from which strange reason blinded own soldiers. Now on booming ship galleries the death wind walks, and behind partitions something rustles and scratching. Submerged in darkness station plays an unexpected guest, a cat with a mouse, however Isaac does not intend to become someone´s dinner ...

DEAD SPACE - Chilling horror. Deceptive emptiness and pitch dark corridors envelop a victim sticky fear. The distorted metal inside the ship sounds gnash a violin bow on the stretched nerves. Away from civilization alone with unknown threat you impregnated with horror, like sponge - water.

Dead Space differs from other representatives of a genre where aliens crowds die under heavy fire. Isaac - the simple engineer who carries with him an arsenal of average army. But it has tools: a saw, torch and other useful adaptations, irreplaceable in the melee. To destroy the monster, you damage or cut him a vital organ, and different species of creatures, it is located in different places.

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